I am a lifelong Coloradan, grew up in Jefferson County, and have dedicated my career to Jefferson County Schools. In all my years living here, I know there has ever been an election more important than this one. The ideological behavior and poor leadership of this board majority has rippled through each of our schools – pushing teachers to leave the district they love, and negatively impacting the learning experience of our kids.

I am committed to making our schools a source of pride once more – by listening to the community when making decisions, keeping great teachers in every classroom, and putting our kids’ education above personal politics.

I’m running to restore common sense, community values, transparency, and financial accountability to our board.  I’m running to make sure that students and parents feel safe expressing their views when we disagree on the best policy for our district.  I’m running to make sure that the Jeffco school board isn’t an arena for partisan politics or special interests, but a place where community, teachers, parents, and students come together to chart a path for the educational success for our kids.

That’s what the mission of our school board should be.  I promise to make that mission a reality.